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1994 Toyota Supra

1994 Toyota Supra TT


I purchased my 1994 Toyota Supra knowing exactly what I wanted, a 6 speed car that was never modified. I looked and finally came across what I wanted. The car was located in Salt Lake City, UT, but was indeed worth the trip. I booked a one way ticket out there and made the long trek back with it. I drove the car for about a year before deciding it needed more power. I decided that I wanted to push the stock bottom end to its limit and went about purchasing all the parts needed to do so. My main mind set when picking the parts was function, if it did not make a significant gain then it was not being installed on the car. I have always been one to choose power over looks and this will be displayed through out this build.


1994 Toyota Supra TT


The car was built to be a fun street car that could also do track duty. I knew I wanted someone to tune it that was familiar with Supra's so I contacted Darin Dichiara of Double D Tuning and scheduled up a date. Darin flew in to tune the car and I could not be happier with the outcome. The car ended up making the power I wanted and drives amazing.




Current Engine Upgrades:

Titan Motorsports 76GTS Turbo Kit
-Precision Billet 76 w/96 A/R
-Virtual Works Manifold
-Tial 44mm Wastegate
-4" Downpipe & Midpipe
-4" Intake
Titan Motorsports 1200cc Fuel System
-TMS Polished Fuel Rail
-Dual Denso Fuel Pumps
-1200cc Injectors
-Aeromotive FPR
-All Steel Braided Lines
Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 EMS
GSC S2 274 Cams
Ferrea springs and retainers
Greddy 3 Row Intercooler
TMS Coolant Hardpipe
Tilton Carbon/Carbon Clutch
Koyo Radiator
Tial Q Blow Off Valve
FJO Wideband
Gates Racing Kevlar Timing Belt
Deka Lightweight Battery 

Current Suspension/ Wheels & Tires/Exterior:

Eibach Pro Kit Springs
RMM Wing
Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial 295/45/17
Stock Wheels! :P


 813whp & 633tq


1994 Toyota Supra TT



1994 Toyota Supra TT
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