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Project 2006 RSX Type-S

2006 Acura RSX Type-S Project Car, JSC Speed

                                     Project RSX
2006 RXS-S jsc speed 2006 RXS-S jsc speed
After the untimely death of my 2000 Integra GS-R, I set out in search of my next Honda. Why did I stick with Honda? Good aftermarket support, decent gas mileage, comfortable enough for daily commutes and affordable! I don’t have the resources to have both a project car and a commuter, I need something that I can build on the weekend and drive to work on Monday morning. The RSX as the successor to the Integra is everything that a redesigned model should be, keeping all the things I loved about the DC2 while upgrading and changing the things that desperately needed improvement. First, the B18C1 engine from the GS-R Integra was upgraded to the new K20, widely known to make significant gains from simple bolt on parts while staying smooth and daily drivable. The RSX interior was completely updated over the Integra. All RSX models now had standard leather and improved interior insulation for a quieter ride. Unlike the DC2, the US was not treated to a Type-R model, though the RSX Type-S trumps the DC2 Type-R in almost every performance category. For JSC Speed’s project 2006 RSX Type-S, I plan on performing basic performance upgrades to open up the intake and exhaust system of the K20, as well as improve handling and also have some small interior and exterior styling cues in mind. Please stay with us as I update my project page with photos and information over the coming months. Happy modding!
Stock Specs:
Engine: Honda K20Z1 2.0 Liter i-VTEC
Stock Output (Mfr.): 210 hp @ 7800rpm, 143 ft/lb @ 7000rpm
Compression Ratio: 11:1
Suspension: MacPherson Strut (front), Double-Wishbone (rear)
Curb Weight: 2734lbs.

Current Mod List:
AEM V2 Intake
Invidia Q300 Catback Exhaust

Eibach Sportline Kit (coming soon!)
Eibach Front/Rear Pro Alignment Kit (coming soon!)

Pioneer AVIC-F700BT Navigation/Bluetooth
20% Window Tint

AEM V2 Intake
AEM V2 Intake
AEM V2 Intake: Everyone knows that if you have a Honda, you gotta bolt some sort of intake to it. I chose to go with the AEM due to the ease of installation, I don’t feel that dropping and trimming the bumper is worth an extra 1-2 top end hp. The AEM V2 positions the filter right over the transmission in direct contact with cold air from behind the driver’s front wheel, so contrary to the naysayers, it will get plenty of ambient cold air. Also, the V2 style intakes feature AEM’s dual resonation chamber to produce a unique combination of increased throttle response and top end power, not just one or the other. The first step of installing this kit is getting out the massive stock airbox. A few bolts and a hose clamp later, and the engine bay looks eerily empty. The AEM V2 uses a coupler to clamp to the throttle body, a hose for the breather line and a support bracket for installation. The K20 in the RSX is not MAF metered, so you just slip the IAT sensor into the new pipe and you are done. Performance gains I estimate are in the range or 7-10hp. The V2 really opens up the sound of the K20, especially when you hit mad VTEC. Now I get to enjoy a little roar of power on the top end and feel good that I have completed the initiation into Honda tuning by bolting up an intake.

AEM V2 Intake
AEM V2 Intake
AEM V2 Intake
AEM V2 Intake
AEM V2 Intake
Invidia Q300 Catback Exhaust: My plan for an exhaust on the RSX was to go with something that would enhance performance while keeping the car clean both in sound and style. My preference tends to lead me away from N1 style canister mufflers as they draw way too much negative attention. After a good bit of research I decided on the Q300 based on many raving reviews as well as my personal experience with the brand. The Q300 for the RSX features a 4 inch (101mm) straight outlet polished rolled tip with an oval style flat bottom muffler. The 2.75 in (70mm) exhaust piping is plenty wide for any N/A setup and should even be capable of handing some forced induction upgrades. Initial quality of the Q300 is great. Full mirror polished piping and exceptionally thick stainless steel flanges set Invidia systems apart from the rest. Upon close examination is easy to tell that Invidia systems are all robotic welded; the welds were thick, clean and precise. Installation was simple. Drop the stock catback with 3 bolts at the cat pipe, two spring-bolts at the resonator, and two spring bolts at the axleback . Swap over the rubber hangers and, mouth the pipes and bolt them up! It doesn’t get any more ‘bolt-on’ that this. Invidia includes thick lock nuts, bolts and gaskets for a clean install so you can forget about those mid-install trips to the auto parts store. Once everything was tight I fired the car up and gave it a test drive. As expected, the Q300 produces a very mellow clean tone with absolutely no cliché Honda rasp. Take it directly from me- the Q in Q300 definitely stands for QUIET. If you watch the video on the left, you can hear exactly what I am talking about. For most daily driving needs, it sounds almost as quiet as stock with some deeper undertones on idle. Many people will argue that the Q300 is ‘too’ quiet and it may be for some. Just be sure not to expect a racing or N1 type sound if you bolt this guy on. For me it’s perfect. The Q300 treats you to deep clean sound with an extra 5-10 ponies smoothing out the power delivery. I am confident that with a race header, the Q300 may be the best sounding system available for the RSX without breaking into the WEEDWACKER zone.

That’s all for now! Be sure to check back frequently for new mods, reviews and writeups!
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Tel: 215.489.2820