Redline Time Attack at Summit Point Raceway

The JSC Speed sponsored Evo8 driven and owned by Adam Fuhs was looking to tackle some road racing giants August 6th, 2006 in the Redline Time Attack held at Summit Point Raceway's new, Shenandoah circuit. Adam and his crew (Justin [me] and Chris) took the 4 hour drive out to Summit Point, WV on Saturday and got ready for the 7:00 AM start on Sunday. With the car prepped and ready to race Adam hit the extremely technical course for the first practice session. A crowded track and slower traffic prevented the Evo from really stretching its legs, but Adam managed to get a bit of open track for the last five minutes of practice and put down the second fastest time for his class (Street All Wheel Drive).
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Adam in traffic
JSC Evo flat out
Turning the screw
Nukabe/Cusco Evo
Buschur Evo in it on the front stretch
Buschur Evo
Buschur Evo
Noble M400, for show?

Back in the pits we discovered that the Evo's waste gate was hanging open, causing the stock turbo to spool up to 27 PSI! After some quick work we realized that we were not going to be able to repair the problem. Some of our competitors (AMS) offered us a temporary fix: Drain the 93 octane pump gas and fill the beast with 100 octane race fuel! We bit the bullet and syphoned out the street fuel and bought the race gas at $6.00/gallon.
Chris & Adam get to be on TV?!
Buschur haulin' ass
The M400 does go! Fast!
Late '70s 911. Yes the wing is functional.
Nukabe/Cusco STi
A privateer STi
Adam, pulling some G's outta the screw
Privateer Evo starting the screw

Adam got out on the track for the second practice and quickly discovered the race gas alone was not enough of a fix as he couldn't give any more than half throttle at any point on the track without the turbo over-spooling. Adam came back in to the pits, made some tuning adjustments and hit the track again (with fingers crossed). Still no luck, the JSC Speed Evo would have to make the best of it and just get a partial dose of the go-fast-pedal.
Nukabe/Cusco Evo
The super-quick DentSport Evo II
The silent but fast, M400
JIC/Hankook S15: Took the overall win!
Mark Daddio drove the AMS Evo into 2nd
A very clean Saleen 'Stang
Dicing it up during practice
The 2nd place S-AWD STi

With limited power on tap, Adam gave it his best effort. At the end of the first Time Attack session Adam was in fourth place, only two tenths of a second out of third. We did some more tuning and hit the track for the second and final session.
Very fast DSG STi
JSC Evo taking off...
and back to the tarmac!
The JSC Speed Evo, in all its glory

The competition was fierce: An Evo II piloted by Alex Grabau of DentSport had a huge lead over the street AWD group with a 1:42.049. In second was James Elterman in the Nukabe/Cusco STi with a 1:44.946. Adam had turned a 1:46.2XX and was gunning for third, a privateer Subaru STi driven by Patrick Kilgarif who put down a respectable 1:45.112. We watched Adam scream around the course-the turbo flutter seemed to have disappeared-but it was too little, too late. We still aren't sure (as of 6:00 PM on Tuesday 8/8/06) what Adams official time was, but we will update this page as soon as we know for sure.
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