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11-14 Ford Mustang Snow Performance Boost Cooler Kit

Snow Performance's Water/Alcohol/Meth Injection Kit for the 11-14 Ford Mustang efficiently cools the intake charge for improved performance as well as decreasing the chance of detonation. This is effectively like increasing the octane level and makes running higher boost and more horsepower possible on pump gas. The provided high output pump will withdraw the water/methanol mixture from the reservoir and direct it to the nozzle mounted right before the throttle body. The Mustang kit features an LCD screen display that shows boost pressure, fuel injector duty cycle, as well as water-methanol injection percent. Adjustments are simple and the low profile design allows for easy-to-view and discrete mounting. This kit includes a 3qt reservoir as well as a bulkhead fitting to tap into the factory windshield washer fluid tank if you desire.

  • Includes:
  • LCD Screen, Pushbutton Digital Variable Mapping Controller
  • UHO (Ultra High Output) pump
  • Bulkhead fitting required to tap into factory reservoir
  • 10 feet of tubing
  • 2 nozzles to cover a wide range of horsepower
  • All required hardware needed for installation
  • Mustang specific instructions for ease of installation
  • 3qt Reservoir
  • Ford Mustang 2011-2014
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Boost Cooler Kit 20130 GT $755.16 $719.20 1 available
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©2017 JSC Speed Inc.
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Tel: 215.489.2820