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2009-2016 Nissan GT-R

Nissan touts the GT-R as "the first true supercar for anyone, anytime, anywhere," and at JSC Speed, we agree with this mantra. We have watched the import market wane with the fading of the 90s Japanese supercars, only to be reborn in the early 2000s with the arrival of the street legal rally cars and affordable, potent, import performance. But some of us wanted more, and Nissan has answered with the R35. Never before has an import rolled off of the showroom floor capable of thrashing Italian engineering and design, Porsche technology, and Bowling Green's finest while taking cues from each and combining them into a powerful, classy package with a price tag in the realm of luxury sedans. And now it's here. And as this 480hp beast rolls off of the showroom floor, many new owners will be happy with the high eleven second quarter mile times and 3.4 0-60 time Nissan's GT-R is capable of out of the box. However, there are some, like us, who feel there is room to improve upon perfection. For those looking to push the envelope, JSC Speed wants to assure you that, as usual, we will be carrying a wide selection of the finest products available to help you get a little more "God" and a lot more "zilla" out of your GT-R.

Performance Parts for 09-16 GT-R

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1635 Bustleton Pike,
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Tel: 215.489.2820