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02-06 Mini Cooper S NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

Why NGK Iridium? More durability and a higher melting point compared to platinum, better center electrode anti-oxidation and anti-erosion, improved ignition, superior anti-fouling, lower required voltage, and a new metal shell plating process for better anti-corrosion. One Step Colder plugs are recommended for cars with heavy modifications. These NGK plugs will get running smoother with more power through increased efficiency and heat resistance.

  • Please Note:
  • NGK Iridium plugs are able to use larger gap setting with less voltage. Some customers choose to regap these plugs to correct misfiring or tune for optimal spark -- do so at your own risk -- slide-type plug gapper can damage the fragile Iridium tip.
  • Mini Cooper S R53 2002-2006
Description Part # MSRP Price Inventory  
Iridium Stock Heat 6441 $43.52 $29.00 1 available
Iridium One Step Colder 6988 $43.52 $29.00 3 available
Iridium 2 Steps Colder 2668 $45.80 $30.52 3 available
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©2017 JSC Speed Inc.
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Tel: 215.489.2820