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2007-2013 Mini Cooper S Blow-Off Valves and Accessories

R56 Mini Blow-Off Valve Installation Notes:

1. Location: The only "good" spot to mount a blow off valve on the R56 Mini Cooper S is in place of the factory noisemaker (it's really called that). This is the big, accordion hose gizzmo shown below.

This device is designed to vent sporty noise toward the driver. Of course, with a BOV you will not need any noise vented toward you, so you will remove this device and mount your BOV here. Most aftermarket BOVs will require a mounting adapter. Either way, you will just fit your BOV or adapter into the hose for the noisemaker, and you're in business.

2. Pressure Source: A blow-off valve requires a pressure source that sees both vacuum and boost in order to properly function. On most vehicles this simply requires installing a t-fitting into an existing vacuum line. On the R56 Cooper S, however, there is no such line to tee into. You will either have to drill and tap your intake manifold with the proper fitting or purchase the ATP Vacuum/Boost Source Adapter which will install underneath your stock MAP sensor and give you a pressure source for your BOV. This is obviously much easier.

3. Keep the ECU Happy: The R56 Mini's ECU doesn't seem to react poorly to having a vent-to-atmosphere BOV installed. It does, however, react badly to having the stock bypass valve removed. Therefore, while it is available, we suggest avoiding block-off plugs for the time being, until some form of ECU tuning becomes available.

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